E-Prime stimulus presentation

Stimulus presentation for ERP experiments

EGI supports a two-machine solution for experiment control.

Our Net Station software records multiple tracks of stimulus or other external events along with High Density EEG data.

A second computer generates and presents the stimuli and sends simple triggering or complex stimulus identification information to Net Station software.

This information can then be used for off-line segmentation and averaging. 

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Chronos box for ERP experimentsChronos box 

Chronos is a powerful USB-based response pad and auditory stimulus presentation device, made by PST for stimulus presentation experiments. The Chronos box will be included in every E-Prime workstation package, replacing the older PST Serial Response (SR) Box and the EGI Response Pad.

The Chronos box has improved keyboard action and delivers more stability, flexibility, and consistency of audio timing, and adds the potential for additional 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs, eliminating the need for a parallel port.


Working with E-Prime's developer, Psychology Software Tools, EGI has developed a workstation that allows the researcher to take advantage of the flexibility and ease of use of E-Prime in the demanding environment of ERP experiments.

The workstation includes the E-Prime for Net Station software and a CPU/single-monitor hardware configuration that has been tested for reliability and accuracy with the Net Station data acquisition software.

E-Prime for Net Station, like its cousin E-Prime, is a revolutionary software suite designed for creating and running psychological experiments.

E-Prime for Net Station allows the user to develop experiments using either its intuitive graphical user's environment or its scripting language and then to run those experiments in conjunction with Net Station to create millisecond-precision ERP experiments using visual or auditory stimuli.  

EGI also makes its experiment control interface (ECI) available to users who wish to integrate with other experiment control systems. 

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This instrument is not intended for use in diagnosis or treatment of any disease or condition. It is a scientific research instrument designed for performing measurements and acquiring data for neurophysiological research. MagstimEGI makes no representation of the suitability of the instrument for any particular research study.