EEG Systems


Geodesic EEG Systems  NEW! Now with EEGLAB plug-in
A complete High Density EEG system that provides the ultimate in spatial resolution for any research application. The Geodesic EEG System (GES) features on-board processing, state-of-the-art electronics, and remote upgrade capability. The GES 400 is also easily upgradable for multimodal imaging with integrated transcranial electrical stimulation (tES), fMRI, and more.


fMRI/MEG-compatible Geodesic EEG Systems
EGI's MR-compatible EEG Systems can be used for simultaneous EEG-fMRI and simultaneous EEG-MEG.


Electrical Source Imaging

geosource3largeiconNEW! GeoSource 3 electrical source imaging packages
A powerful platform for electrical source imaging, with individual FDM head models, improved atlas head models, and support for advanced neuromodulation planning and other advanced research applications. For Research Use Only.



GPS Photogrammetry-based sensor digitization
Innovative technology for sensor localization; used with GeoSource software to improve source estimation.


EGI's interoperability program includes compabilities with BESA, BrainVoyager, Curry, MATLAB Toolbox, Presentation, and Cartool.

GeoScan Icon68

GeoScan handheld sensor digitization
Stereo camera tracking technology measures, identifies, and creates a 3D coordinate file of EEG sensor locations in real time. For use with electrical source imaging software, such as GeoSource 3.0 Research software. For Research Use Only.


Neuromodulation/EEG Systems


Precise, non-invasive neuromodulation with simultaneous EEG and the flexibility to choose from 256 electrodes for tDCS, tACS, or tPCS neuromodulation. Advanced planning and targeting software uses individual, atlas, or conformal/warped atlas Finite Difference Method (FDM) head models. For Research Use Only


Peripheral Hardware and Software

altE-Prime stimulus presentation
Complete experimental control workstations include E-Prime software, computer, and all hardware needed.


w00196 physio icon smallPhysio16 physiological measurement hardware
Physio16 input box integrates seamlessly with Geodesic EEG Systems for simultaneous measurement of EEG and physiological data.


Digital Video photo

Integrated Video Cameras
Camera options for video-EEG range from easy and simple to high-end. All deliver superb video quality and are conveniently controlled from within Net Station software.



These instruments are not intended for use in diagnosis or treatment of any disease or condition. They are scientific research instruments designed for performing measurements and acquiring data for neurophysiological research. MagstimEGI makes no representation of the suitability of the instruments for any particular research study.