EGI joins Philips Healthcare. Press Release. Philips site.

EGI scientists and collaborators to present 5 posters and 4 talks at OHBM. Visitors to the Human Brain Mapping Conference in Vancouver, BC June 25-29 will be able to hear about EGI’s latest research in head modeling and neuromodulation. More.

Preliminary Results of the Epilepsy Trial. EGI announces preliminary results of case studies from the first three patients treated in its safety and feasibility trial for suppressing focal epilepsy with Geodesic Transcranial Electrical Neuromodulation (GTEN). Details.

Recorded webinar on high density EEG. On March 15, 2017, Dr. Mark Mintz delivered a webinar on the research as well as clinical applications of high density EEG and its accuracy in detecting abnormalities. This webinar was organized by ASET. You can view the recorded webinar online. Details. Register for this webinar at the ASET website.

Workshops, Schools, and Symposia

Preliminary results of safety and feasibility for suppressing focal epilepsy with GTEN neuromodulation Brain Stimulation and Imaging Meeting Keynote address by Don Tucker, PhD and CEO of EGI. Saturday, 24 June. Details.

High-Resolution Electrical Head Models for Dense Array Neuromodulation
EGI Lunch Symposium at OHBM 2017
Tuesday, 27 June. Details. Register.

EGI Summer School 2017
Core dEEG Skills July 24-28
Foundations of Advanced dEEG Analysis Techniques July 31-Aug 2.
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Clinical Conferences
Research Conferences