Science at EGI

From the early days in building research EEG systems, EGI has been known for scientists building tools for scientists. Although the range and complexity of both research and medical customers has expanded, we have worked to maintain this direct presence of science and medical attention to each product and support function of the company.

EGI’s science team has a wide range of skills, including cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology, clinical neurophysiology, education, psychopathology, computational physics, computational science, and statistics. See a list of publications by the EGI science team.

EGI science team and collaborators presented research on electric head models and neuromodulation

Organization for Human Brain Mapping 2017 Annual Meeting, Vancouver, BC

g00354 don ohbm symposiumSymposium at OHBM 2017: High-Resolution Electrical Head Models for Dense Array Neuromodulation

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Sergei Turovets, PhD. A bounded electrical impedance tomography (bEIT) approach to calibration of individual electrical head models.

Don Tucker, PhD, and Erik Anderson, PhD. Targeting with GTEN and Evaluating EEG Responses.

Lyubomir Zagorchev, PhD, Senior Scientist, Philips Neuro Diagnostics.  Brain segmentation for quantitative disease biomarkers and patient-specific care.

Brain Stimulation and Imaging Meeting, 2017, Vancouver, BC

Don Tucker, Keynote Speech, 10:45 AM Saturday June 24
Acute suppression of epileptiform discharges with Geodesic Transcranial Electrical Neuromodulation (GTEN).

Easwara Moorthy Essaki Arumugam, 9:30 AM Oral Session, Friday June 23
In vivo estimation of scalp and skull conductivity using bEIT for non-invasive neuroimaging and stimulation.

Easwara Moorthy Essaki Arumugam, Sergei Turovets, Nick Price, Dennis Rech, Phan Luu, Don M Tucker, Poster Session
In-vivo Estimation of the Scalp and Skull Conductivity Using bEIT.


g00249 rasmussen poster ACNS 2017David Hammond, Nick Price, Sergei Turovets, Monday, June 26, 12:45–2:45. Construction and segmentation of pediatric head tissue atlases for electrical head modeling. See the poster.

Jidong Hou, Sergei Turovets, Kai Li, Phan Luu, Linda Larson-Prior, Don Tucker, Tuesday, June 27, 12:45–2:45. Spatially Resolved Pediatric Skull Conductivities for Inhomogeneous Electrical Forward Modeling. See the poster summary.

Mariano Fernández-Corazza, Sergei Turovets, Nick Price, Phan Luu, Don Tucker, Carlos Muravchik, Allen Malony, Tuesday, June 27, 12:45–2:45. Validation of forward solvers accuracy in EEG, EIT and TES. See the poster.

Mariano Fernández-Corazza, Sergei Turovets, Nick Price, Phan Luu, Carlos Muravchik, Don Tucker, Tuesday, June 27, 12:45–2:45. Impact of bone marrow and skull holes in atlas head models on tissue conductivity estimates with EIT. See the poster summary.

The following articles describe current research projects at EGI.

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