MR-Compatible HD EEG 

EEG-MRRecent advances have allowed High Density EEG (128 and 256 channels) to be recorded in the MRI environment with good signal quality (for both EEG and MR data) for the first time. In this 256-channel MR-compatible Geodesic Sensor Net, the sensor pedestals contain miniature printed circuit boards for lead microconnections and the integral safety resistor.







With careful design for both safety and signal quality, EGI's MR-compatible HD EEG system allows HD EEG to become a routine procedure to optimize the data yield for the investment in fMRI studies.


Two-way isolation (of the Net Amps 400 from the MR fields and the MR from the Net Amps 400 fields) is provided by the Field Isolation Containment System (FICS).