The EEG Lab as a Core Neuroimaging Technology


Dense array or "high-density" EEG (HD EEG) provides a core technology for the modern human neuroscience laboratory.








Whether the research targets children or adults, an entry-level Geodesic EEG System (32 or 64 channels) provides a platform for expanding to High Density EEG (128 or 256 channels), and for expanding to multimodal neuroimaging.




Standard ERP and EEG experiments can be run with the Geodesic EEG System as soon as the system is installed. From that point, flexible exploration of new analytic methods, as well as sharing data and methods across laboratories, is facilitated by open file formats and data exchange. A common development environment for many laboratories is MATLAB. EGI's Net Station software exports data in MATLAB's matrix format (.mat) directly. In the example in this image, HD EEG results from EGI's Brain Electrophysiology Laboraotry are examined in the "ERP-plot" format in the EEGLAB package.


With traditional averaged ERP (event-related potential) measures, or with more advanced single-trial and oscillatory EEG measures, EGI's core technology for HD EEG provides a clear upgrade path to integration with multimodal methods,  including anatomical and functional MRI, MEG, and TMS. 
EGI's Geodesic EEG System offers much flexibility in the field of neuroimaging for today's researchers.