New Directions in Advanced Image Analysis


Work that is underway at the University of Oregon NeuroInformatics Center and EGI's Cerebral Data Systems division is applying high-performance computing to achieve automated segmentation of head tissues and extraction of the folded cortical surface.



EGI is developing MRI processing software to allow individual head models to be constructed that integrate key features of a person's head anatomy, including the conductivity of the skull (from Electrical Impedance Tomography) as well as the folded cortical surface. EGI has licensed the neuroimaging software "BioImage Suite" from Yale University to provide a platform of tools to be integrated into the next generation of High Density EEG software for neurological analysis and neurosurgical planning.


An important feature of this next-generation toolkit will be the capability for identifying and visualizing intracranial electrodes (organized in grids and strips) for direct measurement of epileptic activity on the patient's brain surface.




Tools for accurate tractography are becoming increasingly important in both research and medical practice. BioImage Suite provides a basis in both tract tracing and visualization for the next generation of tractography.