Physio16 physiological measurement hardware

Physio16 physiological input headbox

Physio16 input box for the Geodesic EEG System (GES) 400

The Physio16 input box is designed specifically for use with EGI’s Geodesic EEG System (GES) 400 for integrated recording of physiological measurements and EEG. Two Physio16 boxes can be connected to the Net Amps 400 amplifier to measure, record, and review up to 32 bipolar channels and 2 SpO2 channels, along with up to 256 EEG channels.

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Physio16 MR input box for use with EEG-MR

The Physio16 MR input box is MR-conditional and designed specifically for use with EGI’s Geodesic EEG System (GES) 400 MR. It has the same capabilities as the Physio16 input box, allowing for physiological measurements in the MR environment. With up to 16 extra physiological channels, plus SpO2, you can now perform simultaneous EEG, MR, and other physiological measurements.

Types of measurements supported
respiration • body position • EMG • ECG • SpO2

physiological input headboxFeatures

  • each Physio16 or Physio16 MR input box can collect up to 16 bipolar channels and one SpO2 channel
  • use either as standalone input boxes or synchronously with EEG
  • configure and control using Net Station 5 software
  • measure, record, and review Physio16 and EEG channels simultaneously
  • easily mark EEG and PNS events in real time
  • segment the data and export all channels together in one file for further analysis in Mindware, MATLAB, PRANA, or your favorite software
  • fully customizable for use with most standard PNS sensors
  • works with the full complement of sensors used in sleep research
  • runs on battery or wall power

The Physio16 and Physio16 MR input boxes accept 1.5 mm female safety connectors, which are typical of FDA-cleared sensors. The sensors listed in the table below have been tested by EGI for safety and efficacy when used with the Physio16 or Physio16 MR input box.

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EGI PIB polygraphic input boxPIB polygraphic input box for the Geodesic EEG System (GES) 300

This passive headbox with 7 bipolar inputs integrates seamlessly with EGI's GES 300 for synchronous acquisition of up to 256 EEG channels and up to 7 auxiliary sensor channels. This input box does not support SpO2 measurements.
The Polygraphic Input Box system allows the measurement of ECG (electrocardiogram), EMG (electromyogram), respiratory (effort, pressure, and temperature), and body position. Integrated data supports exports to EDF+, Persyst, and MATLAB file formats.
Use with your preferred sensors or with EGI's PIB Sensor Kit.


The following sensors have been tested to be compatible with the Physio16 input box and the PIB, as indicated. These may be purchased from EGI either as individual sensors, or as a complete set in the Physio16 Sensor Kit or PIB Sensor Kit.
Measurement TypePart Product #
These sensors are compatible with both Physio16 input box and the PIB box.  They are included in both the Physio16 Sensor Kit and the PIB Sensor Kit:
Respiratory effortzRIP Kit (adult)6156125
Respiratory temperatureThermistor6156131
Respiratory flowPTAF Lite Pressure Transducer Start-up Kit6156141
Body positionBody position sensor (SPI sensor DC) 6156145
EMG/ECG120" EMG leads (white, button snap, 1.5 mm safety connector)6156163
EMG/ECG120" EMG leads (blue, button snap, 1.5 mm safety connector)6156162
GeneralMeditrace 230 general monitoring sensors (pk of 30)6156165
These two additional sensors are compatible with the Physio16 input box and are included in the Physio16 Sensor Kit:
GeneralAmbu Blue Sensor (pk of 25)6156167
SpO2Adult SpO2 pulse oximeter6156168
These sensors are MR-conditional and compatible with the Physio16 MR input box.
ECGBiopac ECG MR Electrode6156170
ECGBiopac ECG Clip Lead, 3.6 m6156171
ECGBiopac ECG Clip Lead, 1.8 m6156175
ECGInvivo CV MRI ECG Lead Cable6156176
ECGInvivo CV Quadtrode ECG MR Electrode6156177


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integrated with EGI's Geodesic EEG System


The Physio16 and Physio16 MR input boxes are available for clinical use in the U.S. and are CE marked in conformity with the European Medical Device Directive. However, they are not cleared for clinical polysomnography use in the U.S. The sale of medical devices is strictly regulated by national laws. Please check EGI’s regulatory clearances or contact EGI to get the current regulatory status of EGI products in your country. This web page is not an offer to sell a medical device in any country where its sale would be prohibited by national law.