GeoSource™ 3 electrical source imaging packages

GeoSource 3 electrical source imaging

The culmination of 25 years of interdisciplinary research, GeoSource 3 Research software leverages

  •  High Density EEG technology
  •  high-resolution MRI imaging
  •  sophisticated electric head modeling
  •  accelerated computing

to create a powerful platform for electrical source imaging for advanced research applications.

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New with GeoSource 3.1 Research packages

  • Ability to blur facial features in the 3D rendering of the head model to protect participant/patient identity
  • New, more streamlined code for lead field generation
  • Bug fixes

The science behind GeoSource 3 source imaging and GTEN 100 Neuromodulation

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GeoSource 3 Research software is for research use only. However, every GeoSource 3 Research Package also includes the clinically cleared GeoSource 2.0 software for laboratories or clinics requiring both options.

Geodesic Sensor Net for High Density EEG applicationNow with individual head models

GeoSource 3 Research electrical source imaging method improves on current ESI methodology by using High Density EEG data and much more realistic head models to define the path of electrical current from the cortex to the scalp.

Higher resolution with High Density EEG data
To provide the best source imaging results, GeoSource 3 software uses High Density EEG data with up to 256 sensors and whole head coverage.

Finite Difference Method (FDM) electrical head model for source imagingMore realistic head models with 7 different tissue types
Automated software characterizes tissue types — scalp, skull, cerebrospinal fluid, grey matter, white matter, air, and eyeballs — directly from 1-mm MRI data for the most realistic anatomy across the entire head.

More realistic electrical conductivity modeling
using the Finite Difference Method (FDM)EEG scalp voltage projected on a 3D head

The FDM performs voxel-by-voxel calculations of the electric potentials, maintaining the high resolution geometry of the original MRI image.

Fast and easy step-by-step head model building
A dedicated pipeline software guides you through each step with opportunities to review the model at all stages of construction.

The FDM software is optimized for high-performance computing and is performed using a high-performance GPU compute node (included with Intermediate and Advanced Packages) so that computing time is accelerated from days to minutes.

Sensor Registration for higher accuracysensor registration for electrical source imaging
Conformal and individual head models incorporate EEG sensor location to define the path of electrical current from the cortex to the scalp, a critical component for the most accurate source estimation.

Use the Geodesic Photogrammetry System with sensor digitization from whole-head photographs or the GeoScan Sensor Digitization Device for real-time digitization using an optical scanner.

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GeoSource electrical source imagingChoose from three different packages,
depending on your research needs.

All packages include

  • LORETA, sLORETA, and LAURA source estimation algorithms
  • FDM head models built from 1-mm resolution
    MRI data

Build individual head models with GeoSource 3 Research ADVANCED Package
Import MRI scans to build individual head models for the most realistic brain anatomy.

No individual MRI data?

GeoSource 3 Research software is seamlessly integrated with EGI’s GTEN 100 Neuromodulation System, for fully informed dense array neuromodulation protocols.

Use atlas head models included in the BASIC package
Includes built-in age and gender specific head models —
1 infant, 2 pediatric, and 3 adult

Build individualized atlas head models with the INTERMEDIATE package
Use digitized sensor positions to conform/warp an atlas head model to individual head geometry (requires sensor digitization device).

GeoSource 3 Research Packages Advanced Package Intermediate Package Basic Package
Source Estimation Software checkmark checkmark checkmark
FDM atlas electric head models checkmark checkmark checkmark
Software module for building conformal/warped FDM head models using sensor position data* checkmark checkmark  
High performance GPU compute node for building FDM head models checkmark checkmark  
Software for importing MRI DICOM data checkmark    

*Requires the Geodesic Photogrammetry System or the GeoScan Sensor Digitization Device.

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GeoSource 3 Research Packages are covered by US Pat. No. 8,478,011. The Geodesic Photogrammetry System is covered by US Patent No. 7,190,826.

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This instrument is not intended for use in diagnosis or treatment of any disease or condition. It is a scientific research instrument designed for performing measurements and acquiring data for neurophysiological research. MagstimEGI makes no representation of the suitability of the instrument for any particular research study.