GeoScan handheld sensor digitization

GeoScan Icon158Stereo camera tracking technology measures, identifies, and creates a 3D coordinate file of EEG sensor locations in real time. For use with electrical source imaging software, such as GeoSource 3 Research software.

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Fast and easy data capture – Simply hold the GeoScan device in one hand and move it around the head to scan the sensors. As you scan, 3D coordinate sensor positions are computed in real time and the sensor cloud is displayed on the monitor. Once sensor scanning is complete, the fiducial points are scanned using a simple probe.

Minimal time for both participant and operator – The entire scan, including fiducial points, takes about 5-10 minutes for 256 electrodes.

Not susceptible to electromagnetic interference – Unlike electromagnetic digitizers, GeoScan is not susceptible to electromagnetic interference, and therefore provides reliable data even in electrically noisy environments.

Compact size – Ideal for laboratories with limited space.

High Accuracy – Accurate to within 0.5 mm with a 95% confidence interval and a repeatability of 0.1mm.

Integrates with EGI's source estimation software – The GeoScan 3D sensor location files will integrate into EGI's GeoSource 3 Research software, for use in creating conformal atlas head model in GeoSource 3 Research Intermediate software and individual head models in GeoSource 3 Research Advanced software.

Solved 3D coordinate files of sensor locations can be embedded in Net Station MFF files to be used with Net Station and GeoSource, or may be exported to formats compatible with BESA, EMSE, Curry, and EEG Lab.

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The GeoScan Sensor Digitization Device Package:

  • GeoScan sensor digitization device
  • GeoScan wireless optical probe
  • 27 inch iMac with OS X 10.10
  • GeoScan software
  • 1 Year System Warranty and Basic Supplement for GeoScan

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The GeoScan Device is sold for strictly research purposes and is not a medical device in the United States. As such, this product cannot be used for medical purposes such as the diagnosis, treatment, cure, mitigation, or prevention of diseases. Information on clearance status in other countries is available upon request.