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EEGLAB plug-in for Net Station

Elevate and expand your research with HD EEG + EEGLAB

Introducing the new EEGLAB plug-in for interoperability with the GES High Density EEG System, the first in a series of open-source tools to bring high density EEG to the broader research community

Combine the strengths of 256-channel, whole head EEG with EEGLAB, the most popular open-source EEG analysis platform

  • Seamlessly move between platforms — move continuous or segmented files from Net Station HD EEG software to EEGLAB and back again
  • Perform artifact detection, ICA, joint time frequency/coherence analysis, network analysis, single-trial HD EEG analysis, and more
  • Explore the complexity of your data — take advantage of the richer and more complete data set from high-resolution, whole head EEG
  • Create compelling figures for publication — use the combined functions of both platforms to create integrated, multi-view, publication-ready images

Download EEGLAB and the Philips EEGLAB MFF plug-in at


Example of the power of combining GES 400 HD EEG System and EEGLAB to gain a deeper understanding of brain activity. Reprinted from Neuroscience, 371, Zippo, et al, Alternating dynamics of segregation and integration in human EEG functional networks during working-memory task., pages 191-206, 2018, with permission from Elsevier.

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This instrument is not intended for use in diagnosis or treatment of any disease or condition. It is a scientific research instrument designed for performing measurements and acquiring data for neurophysiological research. Philips makes no representation of the suitability of the instrument for any particular research study.