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Explore the growing library of MATLAB® toolboxes for HD EEG:

EEGLAB, Fieldtrip, PCA Toolkit, Mohawk, and BEAPP

The most innovative analyses and influential findings are often made possible through tools developed by the open-source community. By collaborating with developers worldwide, MagstimEGI offers a growing library of interoperability solutions. Take advantage of high-resolution HD EEG for improved Independent Component Analysis (ICA), Principal Component Analysis (PCA), machine learning, and graph theory to produce unique insights with unparalleled data visualizations in your research.

Combine the whole-head Geodesic Sensor Nets with EEGLAB, the most popular open-source EEG analysis platform

  • Select from 32, 64, 128, or 256 channel systems and customize your analysis
  • Seamlessly move between platforms — move continuous or segmented files from Net Station HD EEG software to EEGLAB and back again
  • Perform artifact detection, ICA, joint time-frequency/coherence analysis, network analysis, single-trial HD EEG analysis, and more
  • Create compelling figures for publications — use the combined functions of both platforms to build integrated, multi-view images

Download the EEGLAB plugin (MFFmatlabIO) in the EEGLAB plugin library or it is enabled by default in FieldTrip. Other MATLAB-based toolboxes can be downloaded and installed from their respective sites.


Example of the power of combining GES 400 HD EEG System and EEGLAB to gain a deeper understanding of brain activity. Reprinted from Neuroscience, 371, Zippo, et al, Alternating dynamics of segregation and integration in human EEG functional networks during working-memory task, pages 191-206, 2018, with permission from Elsevier.

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MATLAB toolboxes are not intended for use in diagnosis or treatment of any disease or condition. They are scientific research instruments designed for performing measurements and acquiring data for neurophysiological research. MagstimEGI makes no representation of the suitability of the instrument for any particular research study.