Avatar Wireless, compact recorder

Avatar portable EEG

Weighing only 60 grams and small enough to fit into your pocket, the portable Avatar recorder is ideal for both human and animal research in the lab or out in the field. With the flexibility of wireless connectivity and the ability to export raw data in standard file formats, the Avatar recorder provides new, cost-effective opportunities to investigate EEG, ECG, EOG, and EMG activity.

Untether your research with the Avatar recorder.

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The Avatar recorder is designed with your research needs in mind.avatareeg portable eeg recorder 1
  • Measuring EEG, ECG, EOG, and EMG
  • Human and animal research
  • Biofeedback/neurofeedback
  • Education environments
  • Mobile, long term studies
  • Large subject group and longitudinal research
  • Sleep/fatigue research
  • Pediatric EEG research
  • Seizure research
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Wireless EEG for the smart phone age

The Avatar recorder smart phone app frees researchers and their participants from being wired to a computer. Electrode signals can be viewed directly from a Bluetooth-enabled Android smart phone or tablet.


The Avatar recorder can collect EEG data with standard electrodes, including surface and subdural, and intracranial electrodes for animal research. It will record at 500–4000 Hz in eight channels, or up to 16,000 Hz with two channels. Events can be recorded with the optional TTL digital input.


The Avatar recorder can store data in multiple formats, including BDF, EDF, CSV, or binary to fit your workflow. Data is stored on a 32 GB removable microSD card, or transmitted to a computer or smart device for viewing or storage.


The Avatar recorder collects raw data in a variety of file formats so you can use a number of common software packages to view and analyze data, including MATLAB, EEGLAB, PRANA by PhiTools, Scientific tools for Python (SciPy), and EDFbrowser.

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Features and specifications
  • 24-bit Delta Sigma ADC
  • 500–4000 Hz sampling rate in eight channels or 16,000 Hz with two channels
  • Standard input range +/- 375 mV
  • Input impedance 1000 MOhm
  • Eight channels that can be used for EEG, ECG, EOG, or EMG
  • Bluetooth 2.1 wireless
  • 32 GB onboard storage with removable microSD card
  • Smart phone, tablet, and PC/Mac compatible
  • Removable batteries allow 24+ hours recording
  • Event marker with optional TTL digital input
  • Electrode impedance check
  • Flexible bipolar and monopolar montage options

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Avatar recorder is for research use only. Please check EGI's regulatory clearances or contact EGI to get the current regulatory status of EGI products in your country. This page is not an offer to sell a medical device in any country where its sale would be prohibited by national law.