NEW! Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) with EEG

tms webicon largeWith new software options for setting faster recovery rates — as low as 4 msec — and EGI’s newly released low-profile MicroCel Geodesic Sensor Nets, the Geodesic EEG System is ideal for simultaneous EEG-TMS applications.

The MicroCel Nets are the newest design of EGI’s famously comfortable and easy-to-apply Geodesic Sensor Nets. With electrodes only 4.8 mm high, this design allows the TMS coil to be positioned as close to the scalp as possible. The low-profile sensors also make this the most comfortable design on the market.

Representative publications using EGI’s dense array EEG with TMS.

Technical tips for dense array EEG-TMS.

While the Geodesic EEG System (GES) 400 series are compatible with many TMS systems, EGI’s Science team has worked the most with the STM9000 TMS System, which we now offer for sale.

STM9000 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation System

stm9000 troll A complete solution for the most precise and accurate control of transcranial magnetic stimulation, including:

  • programmable stimulation protocols
  • wide range of power options
  • broad choice of magnetic coils
  • option to add NetBrain Neuronavigator system

(For sale in the US only.)


  • Compact device with a wide range of applications
  • Display for easy function selection
  • PC interface for protocol management
  • Coils with integrated controls
  • Sham coils
  • Air-cooled coil option
  • Pneumatic stimulation foot switch
  • Trigger IN/OUT capabilities for connecting to an EMG, EP, or EEG amplifier
  • Upgrade capabilities to advanced versions
  • 2-channel MEP modulestm2

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  • Ergonomic cart with coil and arm supports
  • Wide range of available coils
  • Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
  • Robotic participant chair

NetBrain Neuronavigator

netbrainA complete neuronavigation solution for the most precise and accurate control of transcranial magnetic stimulation, featuring:

  • Standard anatomical atlas head model
  • Option to import DICOM MRI data to build an individual head models with automatic classification of scalp, white matter, and gray matter
  • Galileo NetBrain NeuroNavigation software
  • Real-time head tracking system to match the location of the coil to the atlas or individual head model (IR camera, transceiver band, and stylus)
  • Full integration with STM9000, including MEP response display
  • Dual-monitor visualization with 22-inch monitors and desktop PC

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For research use only. For sale in the US only.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.