Where to see EGI's Neuromodulation

  • May 13-16, Brain Plasticity in Epilepsy (BPE), Leuven, Belgium
  • May 18-20, Biological Psychiatric Research using neuromodulation (SOBP), San Diego, CA, USA
  • June 23-24, Brain Stimulation and Imaging Meeting, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • June 25-29, Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM), Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • October 11-15, Society for Psychophysiological Research (SPR), Vienna, Austria

  • NEW! GTEN 100 Research Neuromodulation System

    Precise, non-invasive neuromodulation with simultaneous EEG

    GTEN 100 tDCS/tACS/tPCS neuromodulation with simultaneous EEG

    Built on the Geodesic EEG Platform, the GTEN 100 Research System takes advantage of

      •  dense array EEG technology
      •  advanced source imaging software
      •  realistic high-resolution electric head modeling
      •  sophisticated planning and targeting software

    to create the most technically advanced non­invasive neuromodulation system available on the market.

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    New! Now available in 32, 64, 128, and 256 channel counts!

     The science behind GeoSource 3 source imaging and GTEN 100 Neuromodulation

    SymposiaOnDemand buttonView EGI's GTEN Symposium presented at OHBM 2016.
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    NEW! EGI's new study using GTEN 100 Research System and pulsed protocols showed long-term depression of motor cortex excitability, sustained over 90 minutes following current injection. Read the paper.

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    The GTEN 100 Research System is for research use only. This product is intended by the manufacturer for use by research scientists under the supervision of an Institutional Review Board or Ethics Committee.

    Geodesic Sensor Net for dense array EEG recordingsFlexible and reliable neuromodulation with simultaneous EEG

    Any combination of electrodes can be used for EEG recording or as sources or sinks for

    • transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS)
    • transcranial alternating current stimulation (tACS)
    • pulsed direct current stimulation (tPCS)

    Record EEG concurrently with neuromodulation to evaluate neuromodulatory effects on brain activity.



    Electrodes for stimulation can be automatically selected for a defined target region or manually selected to create and evaluate any pattern of sources and sinks, from a simple two-patch pattern to your own design of complex patterns.


    Proprietary software and hardware for precise cortical targeting
    GTEN 100 targeting and planning software is designed to maximize current delivery dosage to your target while limiting current elsewhere.
      tDCS neuromodulation
    • Planning based on the reciprocity
      principle quickly calculates ideal
      electrode configuration to modulate the cortical target
    • 3D images show predicted negative
      and positive cortical radial current
      density distributions so you can
      evaluate and modify the plan
    • EGI’s AccuCharge Circuit continually
      balances source channels with sink
      channels to maintain the desired current levels over time
    • Protocols can be created with varying durations, waveforms, frequencies, and pulse durations
    • Includes ability to design sham protocols

    Realistic head models for better accuracy FDM electrical head model
    EGI’s high­ resolution FDM head models are accurate for describing the underlying geometry of the conductive tissues, and also for how current flows through the head volume to the scalp.

    • Uses 7 different tissue types — scalp, skull, cerebrospinal fluid, grey matter, white matter, air, and eyeballs
    • Uses 3D sensor positions to define the path of electrical current form the cortex to the scalp
    • The FDM calculates electric potentials voxel­by­voxel from 1 mm MRI images

    Integration withGeoSource 3 electrical source imaging GeoSource 3 Research electrical source imaging software to define target selection

    • Choice of individual head models, atlas head models or conformal/warped atlas head models from MRI data
    • Use source estimation to identify functionally significant positive and negative cortical regions that be used as targets for neuromodulation

    Designed with important safety features
    Multiple software and hardware controls limit current levels to less than 200 μAmps per electrode or 1 mAmp total.

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    The complete integrated system requires purchase of

    GTEN™ 100 Research Neuromodulation System OR Conversion Package

    GTEN™ 100 Research Neuromodulation System —32, 64, 128, or 256 channel

    • Net Amps™ GTEN 100 amplifierGTEN System Photo
    • GTEN targeting and planning software module
    • GTEN control software module
    • Hospital Grade Isolation Transformer
    • Premium iMac computer
    • Net Station Software License and HASP
    • Articulated Arm and mounting brackets
    • Net Support Kit
    • 4 Day On-Site Installation and Training Visit
    – or –

    GTEN™ 100 Research Conversion Package — 32, 64, 128, or 256 channel

    • Net Amps™ 400 amplifier conversion to Net Amps™ GTEN 100 amplifier
    • GTEN targeting and planning software module
    • GTEN control software module
    • 2 Day On-Site Installation and Training Visit

    NOTE: This package requires that you already have a Geodesic EEG System 400 system with Net Station 5.3 or later software. Once the Net Amps 400 amplifier in your GES 400 system is converted to a GTEN 100 amplifier, it will still record EEG signals, but will no longer be a clinically cleared device and will be FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY

    256-channel HydroCel Geodesic Sensor Net (GSN) 130 — sponged or LTM

    GeoSource™ 3 Research — Basic, Intermediate, OR Advanced Package

    • Basic includes GeoSource 3 software and 1 mm resolution FDM atlas head models
    • Intermediate adds the ability to include individual sensor positions to create 1 mm resolution FDM conformal atlas head models
    • Advancedadds the ability to import MRI data to create 1 mm resolution FDM individual head models

    Geodesic Photogrammetry System or GeoScan Sensor Digitization Device
    For registration of individual sensors to the head model, used in creating a conformal atlas (in GeoSource 3 Research Intermediate) or individual head model (in GeoSource 3 Research Advanced).

    The GTEN 100 Research System is covered by US Pat. No. 6,330,470 and 6,594,521. GeoSource 3 Research Packages are covered by US Patent No. 8,478,011. The Geodesic Photogrammetry System is covered by US Patent No. 7,190,826.

    AccuCharge, GeoSource, Geodesic EEG, Geodesic Photogrammetry System, GeoScan, GES, GTEN, Geodesic Sensor Net, and Net Station are trademarks of Electrical Geodesics, Inc.