Neuromodulation – Transcranial Electrical and Magnetic Stimulation

EGI now offers products for both transcranial electrical neuromodulation (TES) and transcranial magnetic neuromodulation (TMS).

Consistent with EGI’s commitment to offering the most advanced research products, EGI’s new neuromodulation products perform far beyond the capabilities of competitive products, with a level of resolution, precision, and flexibility found nowhere else.

These new products allow you to perform neuromodulation protocols that are targeted, consistent, and repeatable (Luu et al, 2016).

Our GTEN 100 Research electrical neuromodulation system and STM9000 TMS system both offer:

  • Advanced head modeling and source imaging software for a high level of precision
  • Sophisticated planning software that allows you to view the effect of the plan on the cortical target
  • A nearly infinite number of stimulation options for maximum flexibility
  • The ability to perform simultaneous EEG monitoring to directly assess effects of neuromodulation

Our neuromodulation products are created by researchers for researchers, and backed by the reliability of our experienced manufacturing team, ISO 13485 certification, and over 25 years of success.


NEW! GTEN 100 Research Neuromodulation System – tDCS/tACS/tPCS

Precise, non-invasive neuromodulation with the flexibility to choose from 256 electrodes for tDCS, tACS, or tPCS neuromodulation and simultaneous EEG. Advanced planning and targeting software uses individual, atlas, or conformal/warped atlas Finite Difference Method (FDM) head models. Available now for Research Use Only. More.

Read EGI's seminal paper on GTEN technology

EGI's new study using the GTEN 100 Research System and pulsed protocols showed long-term depression of motor cortex excitability, sustained over 90 minutes following current injection. Read it now.


NEW! Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) with EEG

The new STM9000 TMS system with sophisticated neuronavigation and a range of coils and stimulation options. For Research Use Only. For sale in the US only. More.