The EGI Team


Although science, sales, and engineering functions are distributed across EGI’s three divisions, we maintain a central management team. EGI’s four corporate officers reflect multiple skill sets of business, science, law, and clinical work. Three are PhDs, two have extensive business experience prior to joining EGI, one is an attorney, and two have clinical training in psychology and neuropsychology. 


From EGI’s beginning, a skilled and informative technical sales effort has been critical to our success. In research sales, both our US and international sales directors have many years experience in sales, and have a thorough personal knowledge of the needs of scientific researchers. Our clinical sales staff integrates their knowledge of the unique contributions of High Density EEG with direct clinical experience with EEG technology and intraoperative monitoring. 


Because EGI is a research laboratory as well as a research equipment and medical device company, our science staff is extensive for our size, including eight PhDs and one MD. Skills in this group include cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology, clinical neurophysiology, education, psychopathology, computational physics, computational science, and statistics. From the early days in building research EEG systems, EGI has been known for scientists building tools for scientists. Although the range and complexity of both research and medical customers has expanded, we have worked to maintain this direct presence of science and medical attention to each product and support function of the company. 


EGI is known for sending highly qualified support engineers to each customer’s site to insure that, regardless of the research application, each customer starts with a fully functional laboratory. Building upon this high-end support model for advanced research laboratories, we are now training support engineers to bring the same extensive support model to clinical customers, both for the epilepsy monitoring unit and routine EEG laboratory. 


EGI’s engineers are domain specialists. Collectively, they have many years of experience in the specific engineering challenges of monitoring human brain activity. They are also highly creative in addressing new technologies, such as encountered in many Small Business Innovation Research projects. A unique skill set for our software engineering team is interfacing laboratory and medical device software with capacities for high-performance computing provided by our neuroinformatics division. 


Whereas electronics manufacturing is relatively straightforward, EGI has for many years faced unique challenges in constructing the complex Geodesic Sensor Net in various sizes and models with highly skilled craftspersons. With the introduction of the HydroCel Nets, we made a considerable investment in manufacturing engineering to allow these complex products to be produced affordably at scale. With a complex product line and multiple product configurations for each shipment, our manufacturing operations have become highly organized and efficient to insure that every customer experiences the quality expected from a medical device manufacturer. 


As a relatively small (currently ~80-person) company, EGI’s administration and management can operate in a fairly informal and “hands on” way that supports the flexible and highly motivated work in each of our departments. At the same time, as a regulated medical device company, we operate through a quality system that includes procedures for all company operations, including management and administrative support. Our view is that structured procedures and personal attention can be integrated carefully to provide an optimal environment for employee productivity.

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