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Inspiring Geodesic Sensor Net Application!


Robust Developmental EEG Practices from Collection to Analysis WorkshopSponsored by MagstimEGI

Watch now: Robust Developmental EEG Practices from Collection to Analysis Workshop Sponsored by MagstimEGI - Wednesday November 10th, 1:00 - 2:30 PM Chicago Time, now On-Demand.


Video: HD-EEG - Hyperscanning Academy

Watch now: Guillaume Dumas, PhD uses new neuroimaging techniques such as EEG hyperscanning (recording of multiple people’s brain activity while they are interacting).


Video: Autism Biomarkers and Research using TMS and HD-EEG webinar

Thank you to all those who attended. If you missed out on our Autism Biomarkers and Research using TMS and HD-EEG webinar with James McPartland, PhD, and Kim Hollingsworth Taylor then you can catch up now.


Video: TMS Fundamentals

If you missed out on our TMS Fundamentals Live Webinar with Mark S. George MD, then catch up now. For EEG and TMS researchers and clinicians.


Video: Fundamentals of HD-EEG

Discover how adding full head, high density (HD) EEG will benefit your research, and explore the latest developments in non-invasive neuroimaging.


HD-EEG Research Library

HD-EEG Research Library


More than 4,000 independent research publications now in the MagstimEGI Zotero library. Compilation of peer-reviewed scientific research publications produced by customers of MagstimEGI, formerly known as Electrical Geodesics, Inc. (EGI).


Have you explored the depths of HD-EEG?

Have you explored the depths of HD-EEG?


The live HD-EEG event recording is now available to watch online:

In this webinar, Trey Avery, PhD, and Gaynor Foster, PhD, shared the basic methodology and physics of EEG as well as the latest applications and examples of HD-EEG.

If you have any questions following the webinar please contact us.

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COVID Safety Considerations

Looking to resume EEG data acquisition with COVID-19 precautions in mind? MagstimEGI worked with customers around the world to optimize our workflow and allow labs to collect HD-EEG.


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Our Partners

EGI is proud to announce our business partners, whose assistance and development help us provide cutting edge technologies for both the clinical and research markets.

persyst logo 2017 With Persyst Development Corporation, we have integrated advanced PC-based EEG review and processing software within our HD EEG clinical workflow for applications such as spike and seizure detection.
psychology software tools logo 2017 With Psychology Software Tools, we have synchronized Net Station's HD EEG acquisition with exact timing of experiment control in PST's E-Prime, the preferred stimulus presentation software.


Note: Please review our Certification page for the current approval status of clinical products listed above. Not all listed products are available for clinical use in all markets.


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EGI is a leading neurodiagnostic medical technology company that develops products used to study the human brain. EGI’s products are used for neuroscience research in prestigious universities and hospitals around the globe and are being increasingly adopted as an advanced clinical neurodiagnostic platform. EGI’s core technology, Geodesic EEG, provides non-invasive and high-resolution imaging of brain activity and is used to study a broad range of brain disorders, including epilepsy, autism, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and sleep disorders.


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