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With every purchase of EGI's High Density EEG Research System package, an EGI support engineer will install your system on site and train your team. The following is a sample schedule of an installation and training visit.

Day 1

9 am - 12 Noon: Setting Up the System

Who should attend? Key contact person from  your lab

  • Unpack and set up system.
  • Perform a quality assurance check of the system. 

1 - 5 pm: Demonstration of the GES 300 System Capabilities

Who should attend? Anyone who will be performing or reviewing experiments

During this session, we will run through a sample ERP experiment from start to finish. This experiment will require a willing subject to wear the HydroCel Geodesic Sensor Net.

  • Net Station software setup
  • E-Prime experimental control
  • HydroCel Geodesic Sensor Net application
  • Net Station data acquisition
    • Sample ERP experiment (run with E-Prime)
  • Net Station viewer
  • Net Station Waveform Tools
    • Filtering
    • Segmentation
    • Artifact Detection
    • Bad Channel replacement
    • Averaging
    • Rereferencing
    • Baseline Correction

Day 2

Who should attend? A small group (3-4 people) who will be responsible for working with participants and acquiring and analyzing data

9 - 11 am: HydroCel Geodesic Sensor Net Application Technique

This session includes detailed, hands-on training and correct head measurement and Net application. Usually the group practices on other group members.

  • Measuring the head and selecting the appropriate Net
  • Locating the vertex on the participant's head and applying the Net
  • Assessing electrode connections with the scalp
  • Removing and cleaning of the Net and some basic tips on general Net care

11 am - 12 noon: Data Acquisition I

We will collect ERP data from one of the members from the 9 - 11 am group.

1 - 5 pm: Data Analysis I

This session will provide a more detailed introduction to each part of the analysis tool software, and research team members will take turns using each of the tools to analyze the ERP data collected earlier in the day.


Day 3

Who should attend? This session will be similar to the one on Day 2. This can be for a new set of researchers or more training for the same people as on Day 1. We have found that actually having the group members try to use the software while we are present to answer questions is one of the most important parts of the training.

9 am - 12 noon: Data Acquisition II

Hands-on acquisition training.

1 - 4 pm: Data Analysis II

Hands-on analysis tools training.

4 - 5 pm: Final Check

Finish any installation tasks and check system in its final configuration.


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