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When you purchase an EGI EEG/ERP System, a support engineer will visit your lab to install the system, conduct on-site quality control testing, and present an introductory training course for your lab personnel. This installation typically takes three days, depending on the hardware configuration and software selected.

In advance of this visit, your support engineer will review with you the physical configuration of your lab and in-depth details regarding the system you have purchased. It will be important to prepare the space for equiment and for your lab to designate a key staff member to coordinate the installation and training visit.

The typical installation and training visit lasts for three days and includes:

Technical installation:

  • System unpacking and setup
  • Quality assurance checklist
  • Amp and articulated arm mounting (if appropriate)


  • Hardware walk-through
  • Amp basics
  • Net application
  • Data acquisition
  • Experiment control (if applicable)
  • Net Station analysis

If you already own an EGI EEG/ERP system and are interested in technical suppport or further training, contact Training and Technical Support.

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