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How to begin working with E-Prime on a Windows 7 computer

Should your lab's upgrade to the latest released version of Net Station 5.4 involve a move from Windows XP to Windows 7, the document "How to start working with E-Prime on a Windows 7 computer" assists your transition by covering these important topics: 

  • How to ensure that the Network Timing Protocol (NTP) is being used to control Net Station/E-Prime synchronization
  • How to verify the Firewall on the Windows 7 computer has been deactivated.
  • How to verify that the IP address of your Mac and PC share the same subnet. 
  • How to verify your experiment's NSInit package call is configured correctly. 

 You can also refer to the E-Prime Extensions for Net Station (EENS) Manual for information beyond this, or contact EGI Support. 


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