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System requirements for Net Station

For optimal performance of your Magstim EGI Geodesic EEG System (GES), it is important that the combination of Net Station, Mac OS, and Net Amps (NA) firmware versions installed on your system are compatible with one another.  

NS IconIf you discover that you need to update one or more components of your HD EEG system, it is important to confirm the system requirements before proceeding. To help you check this, below is a list of the compatible versions for Net Station, Mac OS, and Net Amps firmware for the GES 400 series EEG systems. This table is a guide only.  


Please contact the Support Team before proceeding with any updates. 


 Net Station   Mac OS   NA 400 Firmware
 5.4.3-R  10.14.4*  2.0.16
 5.4.2  10.12.6, 10.13.4, or 10.14.4*  2.0.14**
 5.4.1  10.11.6 or 10.12.6  1.6.23
 5.4  10.12.4 or 10.11.6  1.6.21
 5.3  10.11.5  1.6.17
 5.2  10.10.5  1.6.17
 4.5.7  10.6.8  1.4.5

 *Mac OS 10.14.4 only tested on select Macbook Pro and iMac models for use with Net Station 5.4.2 and 5.4.3-R. Contact the Support Team for more details.
** NA 400 firmware version 2.0.14 is not currently available for field updates.


After speaking with the Support Team, if you would like to proceed with upgrading Net Station you’ll need to check what OS your Mac can support and review the hasp update instructions.


Use of personal computers with Net Station

Compatible models and Mac OS versions on personal computers can be used with Net Station for analysis purposes only. Please contact the Support Team to verify your Macbook Pro or iMac is eligible for use with Net Station (refer to above table for compatible Mac OS versions).

It is important to check your computer's hardware specifications before proceeding with any updates. Net Station 5.3 and newer versions require an Intel Core 2 Duo processor (2GHz minimum) or better

Once verified, the Support Team can provide you with a link to download the required version of Net Station. Do note, you will still need to connect your Net Station license hasp to use Net Station on your personal computer. Magstim EGI cannot support or advise the use of untested Apple products or Mac OS versions with Net Station.


iMac Comp


Note for GES 300 & 200 users

As of January 2020, all GES 300 systems have been deemed end of life and are no longer serviceable or upgradable. For technical support, please contact the Support Team. NA 300 amplifiers require firmware version 11 for use with Net Station version 4.5.7 or higher. Only compatible up to Net Station version 5.4.2. NA 300 amplifiers also require an Apple computer with firewire connection capabilities. 

The GES 200 series systems are also end of life and can no longer be serviced. The NA 200 is only compatible up to Mac OS version 10.6.8 and Net Station 4.3.1

Further Considerations

Net Station has not been tested with virtual machines.

Amp Server Pro SDK 2.1 is only compatible with NA 400 firmware version 1.6.17 or later.


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