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System requirements for Net Station

For optimal performance of your EGI Geodesic EEG System, it is important that the combination of Net Station, Mac OS and Net Amps (NA) firmware versions installed on your system are compatible with one another.  

To help you check this, below is a list of the compatible versions for Net Station, Mac OS and Net Amps firmware for both the NA 400 and NA 300: 

Net Station Mac OS NA 400 Firmware NA 300 Firmware
5.4 10.12.4 -or- 10.11.6 1.6.21 11
5.3 10.11.5 1.6.17 11
5.2 10.10.5 1.6.17 11
4.5.7 10.6.8 1.4.5 11

Do note that both Net Station 5.3 and Net Station 5.4 require an Intel Core 2 Duo processor (2GHz minimum) Mac with a recommended 16 GB RAM.

Further, if you are using Amp Server Pro SDK 2.1, your NA 400 must be updated to firmware version 1.6.17 or later.

If you discover that you need to update one or more components within this combination, or if you need to confirm the system requirements for earlier versions of Net Station, please contact EGI Support to get started!


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