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How is the 3D sensor position information implemented in GeoSource 3.1 Research?

It is important to characterize in 3-Dimensional space where each sensor is positioned on the scalp, particularly for source estimation, where the position of a given electrode on the scalp will affect the calculations of what cortical generators are contributing to the pattern measured by that given electrode.

GeoSource 3.1 Research describes six different head models across four age groups in four different channel counts, and therefore a different set of default 3D sensor positions as well. 

Regardless of what age group your subject is in, or if you use the default or the individual sensor position information, the 3D sensor position information is used for calculating the following:

     -3D Topo Maps are calculated and displayed on the scalp of an atlas head model. The 3D Topo Maps are generated from within the Reciprocity Visualization Environment (RVE). 

     -source calcuations within an FDM atlas head model in GeoSource 3.1 Research.  

The default 3D sensor position information is stored in .sfp format within GeoSource 3.1 Research. Patient/subject specific sensor position information can be derived directly from the Geodesic Photogrammetry System (GPS 3.1), or from the GeoScan device. 



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