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3D Sensor Position files for visualizing data in third party software

When visualizing your dense array EEG data in third-party software, it is sometimes necessary to incorporate the 3D sensor position information of the HydroCel Geodesic Sensor Net (HC GSN) into the destination software.

1 3D sensor positionsThe 3D sensor coordinates are stored in several different locations so that both Net Station and GeoSource 3.1 Research can make use of them. Within Net Station, they are stored in .xml format; within GeoSource 3.1 Research, they are stored in .sfp format. The .sfp format can be read by several different software packages and therefore is used to incorporate the 3D sensor coordinates that Net Station specifies into BESA, EEGLAB or BrainVision Analyzer, for examples.

The .sfp sensor position files can all be downloaded and accessed here. Note there is a different .sfp file depending on the age of your subject and what channel density of HC GSN you have, since GeoSource 3.1 Research describes six different head models across four age groups in four different channel densities of HC GSN: 


256 Channel HydroCel GSN 3D Sensor Position Files: 

9-18 years old 256HCGSN_v1.sfp 

Adult, 18+ years old  256HCGSN_v1.sfp


128 Channel HydroCel GSN 3D Sensor Position Files: 

0-2 years old 128HCGSN_v1.sfp

2-9 years old 128HCGSN_v1.sfp 

9-18 years old 128HCGSN_v1.sfp

Adult 18+ years old 128HCGSN_v1.sfp


64 Channel HydroCel GSN 3D Sensor Position Files: 

0-2 years old 64HCGSN_v1.sfp

2-9 years old 64HCGSN_v1.sfp

9-18 years old 64HCGSN_v1.sfp

Adult 18+ years old 64 HCGSN_v1.sfp


32 Channel HydroCel GSN 3D Sensor Position Files: 

0-2 years old 32HCGSN_v1.sfp

2-9 years old 32HCGSN_v1.sfp

9-18 years old 32HCGSN_v1.sfp 

Adult 18+ years old 32HCGSN_v1.sfp



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