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Net Station Acquisition for Routine EEG data collection: Video Tutorial

This video tutorial will help you acquire the skills you need to successfully record high quality dense-array EEG data using Net Station 5.3* Acquisition. 
By the end of the video you will know: 
     -how to configure and work with the viewer settings in Net Station Acquisition to prepare for recording
     -how to prepare the patient for the recording
     -tips for troubleshooting noise and artifact in the data
     -how to check impedances 
     -how to begin recording
     -how to initiate protocols such as photic stimulation and hyperventilation
     -how to use the video controls if you are recording with a camera
In addition to this video, other useful materials include the Net Application Refresher video and the EGI Manuals

*Note that the most current released version is Net Station 5.4. Stay tuned for the updated Net Station 5.4 Acquisition video tutorial!

Until then, please be aware there were some changes made to Net Station 5.4 that result in the Acquisition workflow being slightly different than in Net Station 5.3. While you're waiting for the updated video tutorial, you can refer to the the two articles How to Start and Stop a Session in Net Station Acquisition and How to Create a Workspace in Net Station Acquisition, which cover two of the main changes. 

Remember that you can always contact EGI Support with any questions as well. 

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