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How to build a Conformal Atlas Head Model (CAHM): Video Tutorial

Both the Intermediate and Advanced versions of the Geosource 3.1 Research software have the ability to create and incorporate Conformal Atlas Head Models (CAHM) into the source estimation workflow. 

To prepare for source estimation, you must first create the CAHM using the Modal Image Pipeline (MIP) software module. Creating a CAHM is the process of taking 3D sensor position information from a given individual subject's net application and using them as the geometrical target for warping a given atlas. In other words, the atlas head shape is warped to the geometry of the individual's by using the individual sensor position information.

This video tutorial will walk you through all the steps necessary to successfully create a CAHM.  You can find more details in the GeoSource 3.1 Research Manual.

Do note that to actually create a CAHM yourself, you must already have a solved GPSR file or .sfp file. This workflow also requires a high-performance GPU computational node for calculating the Lead Field Matrix (LFM). A GPU is part of the GeoSource 3.1 Research Intermediate Package.  


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