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How to send files to EGI

At times, your EGI Support Engineer might request that you send a file or other information to EGI as part of an investigation into an issue or question you might have. 

In instances where the file or information requested is larger than 10 MB and is therefore too large to be sent as an email attachment, we use ShareFile as a secure way of sending and receiving files.

1. To request a file from you, a member of the Support Team will send you a ShareFile link in an email to request the  The link will look something like this: 2016 8 4 D 9 Graphic 1

2. So that we can keep track of who has sent us information, fill out the information as prompted, and click Continue when completed: 2016 8 4 D 9 Graphic 23. Drag the compressed file or folder you have created into the ShareFile window: 2016 8 4 D 9 Graphic 3

4. Click Upload to place the compressed folder on EGI's section of the ShareFile site: 2016 8 4 D 9 Graphic 4

5. Once successfully uploaded, you will see a confirmation message and we will receive an email telling us the file or folder from you is available for download: 2016 8 4 D 9 Graphic 5

6. Finally, if you have not already done so, the last step is to send a follow up email to the Support Team advising us you have uploaded the requested information to ShareFile, along with the following information: 

     a. Your name and Institution.

     b. The version number of the software module you were using.

     c. The type of HASP you are using.

     d. A description of what issue the information you've just sent is related to. 

Additional Info

  • Product Type: Net Station 5
  • Information Type: Technical Advice / Troubleshooting
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