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What to do if Net Station Acquisition crashes during a recording

Although it is rare, Net Station will sometimes crash during a data acquistion. If it does, it is ok to restart the Mac and resume acquisition if needed.

If Net Station Acquisition keeps hanging, check that the connectivity to the NA 400 amplifier is configured properly. 

If you are recording data from a patient and Net Station Acquisition keeps crashing or freezing, contact EGI for immediate assistance by phone. If it is between the hours of 08:00 and 17:00 Pacifc Daylight Time in the United States, you can reach us at +1.541.687.7962. 

In the meantime, the file that was being acquired when Net Station crashed is likely to be corrupt. If you have Net Station 5.4, you can immediately assess the problematic file using the File Validator utility

Finally, we want to help you ensure that the crash will not happen again by determining the cause!  You can help us determine the cause by gathering specific diagnostic information and preparing it to send to EGI Support.

We in turn, will advise you on our findings and whether there are any changes or tips we have for you to ensure you're not caught off guard by a crash again!





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