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MRI Scanning Protocol for use in building Individual Head Models

Most clinical MRI scans for a neurological indication are cut off just below the brain, which is effective for assessing the structural aspects of the brain. However, research shows that the electrical field of the brain, particularly of the temporal lobes, projects downward onto the face and cheeks (M. Yamazaki, D. M. Tucker, A. Fujimoto et al., 2012)and it is only by covering this area with electrodes (as with the 256-Channel HydroCel Geodesic Sensor Net), that the signal projections from the basal regions of the temporal lobes are captured.

Therefore, when building individual head models for source estimation of dense-array EEG in GeoSource 3.1 Research Advanced, it is required that the MRI scan used to build the individual head model includes the area to just below the jaw.

Be sure to follow the necessary guidelines for the MRI scanning protocols that are required for use in building individual head models. 

EGI Guidelines for MRI Scanning Protocol

Once you have the MRI images and the subject/patient's solved GPSR file, you are ready to build the Individual Head Model in the Modal Image Pipeline (MIP) as the next step in preparation for source estimation.  

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