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How is the 3D sensor position information implemented in Net Station?

Where each sensor is positioned on the scalp in 3D space is important to characterize, particularly when drawing voltage maps or performing source estimation. In both of these instances, the position of each sensor in 3D space has an affect on the calculated results. 

Therefore, Net Station must have a way to store the sensor position information.  For both Net Station 4.5.x and Net Station 5.x, sensor position information is kept in the coordinates.xml file located in the meta data (package contents) of the Net Station MFF file.

It's worth noting that the coordinates.xml file contains the sensor position information whether for the default or patient/subject specific sensor positions and is used for the following calculations within Net Station: 

     -Bad Channel Replacement Tool

     -PARE Correction (option within the Montage Operations Tool)

     -2D Topo Map View

     -Laplacian Reference (Current Density)

Within Geosource 2.0, the coordinates.xml file is used for the source calculations for both the Spherical and FDM head models. 

However, now with the evolution of GeoSource 3.1 Research and the new ability to build Individual Head Models in the Advanced package and Conformal Atlas Head Models in the Intermediate package, individual sensor position information is derived directly from a patient/subject specific GPSR file 

Regardless of what version of Net Station you have, or whether you have Geosource 2.0 or GeoSource 3.1 Research, EGI's Geodesic Photogrammetry System (GPS) for 3D sensor modeling will produce the output you require. 


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