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How to Compress a Net Station File

As a means to diagnose a problem, EGI may ask you to send us a Net Station file or folder.

To avoid corruption in transit, it is necessary to compress, "zip", the file or folder first. 

To compress a file or a folder on a Mac: 

1. Navigate to the file you wish to compress. 

2. Right click on the file and select Compress "<folder filename>" from the menu that appears: 2016 8 4 D 4 Graphic 13. A progress bar will appear indicating the file is in the process of being compressed. You will also immediately see a new file with a ".zip" extension appear in the same location as the original file. 

2016 8 4 D 4 Graphic 2

4. Wait until the progress bar goes away. This indicates the compression is finished.

5. Send the compressed information to EGI.

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