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How to Uninstall Net Station 4.5.x

If you are running Net Station 4.5.x, at times it is necssary to completely uninstall the software as means of troubleshooting a particular behavior, or as necessary step in preparing to install Net Station 5.4. 

The steps below outline the exact process to completely remove Net Station 4.5.x from your Mac. 

It is important to note that this procedure will remove all Acquisition Setups, Session Templates, Custom Montages, Tools and Subject Lists. If you are planning to reinstall a version of Net Station 4.5.x, it is recommended that you take screen shots (shift + apple[command] + 3) of the various windows before proceeding, in order to rebuild your setups, databases and tools specs after reinstall.
To save your EEG files, ensure that you move all files within the Net Station User Data folder to another location on your computer.
First, navigate to the following locations and remove the following items:
     a. Macintosh HD/Applications
          i. Remove the whole Net Station Folder
     b. Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support
          i. Remove the whole EGI folder
     c. Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support
          i. Remove the whole Net Station folder
     d. Macintosh HD/Library/CFM Support
          i. Remove the following files:
               Net Station Interface.cfm
               Net Station Services.cfm
     e. Macintosh HD/Library/Frameworks
          i. Remove the following folders:
               Intel_IPP.framework (if present)
     f. Macintosh HD/Library/User Pictures
          i. Remove the Composite 128.psd file
     g. Macintosh HD/Users/(user name)/Library/Preferences
          i. Remove the Net Station 4.5 Preferences file
     h. Macintosh HD/Users/(user name)/Documents
          i. Remove the Net Station User Data folder

Once you have completed these steps you have successfully removed Net Station 4.5.x from the Mac and are ready to move on to the next step!  Contact EGI Support if you need to request a software installer, or view the specifications for Net Station 5.4.

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