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Reorientation to your HD EEG system


For those who have not used their Magstim EGI HD EEG systems for some time, or new users that would like to refresh their recent training, we are happy to provide resources related to equipment setup, use, and technical considerations. Below are various links to existing Knowledge Center articles, compiled together for easy navigation. We hope you find this helpful, but you are always welcome to contact us directly with questions, or to request a quote for additional onsite or virtual training


HD EEG System Setup Nat Geo HD EEG

Synchronizing different types of stimulus events with Net Station 

How to set up a Timing Test for Net Station 5, E-Prime and EENS 

Preparing the Experiment Room


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Sensor net application 

Video tutorials for sensor net application  Net Application Cropped

COVID-19 net application safety precautions 

Routine Monitoring Nets with Sponges Use Instructions 

Spongeless Long-Term Monitoring (LTM) Nets Use Instructions 

MR Nets Use Instructions 

Preterm Infant Nets Use Instructions 

MicroCel GSN use Instructions 

Sensor net rinsing and disinfecting instructions 

Sensor net disinfectant guide  


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Collecting HD EEG data in Net Station Acquisition

Net Station Acquisition for Routine EEG data collection: Video Tutorial 

How to create a Workspace in Net Station Acquisition 

How to Start and Stop a Session in Net Station Acquisition 


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Analyzing HD EEG data 

Artifact recognition using high density EEG 

Relating the HC GSN sensor positions to the 10-10 International electrode placement system 

Assessing stimulus presentation accuracy in E-Prime 

Open Source MATLAB® toolboxes for HD EEG 


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HD EEG System Technical Troubleshooting 

NA 400 connectivity troubleshooting for Net Station Acquisition 

What to do if Net Station Acquisition crashes during a recording 



GES 400 System Analyzing electrical source imaging data with GeoSource 3 

GeoSource 3.1 Research Advanced: Video Tutorial 

How to build an Individual Head Model (IHM): Video Tutorial 

GeoSource 3.1 Research Intermediate: Video Tutorial 

How to build a Conformal Atlas Head Model (CAHM): Video Tutorial 

GeoSource 3.1 Research Basic: Video Tutorial 

MRI Scanning Protocol for use in building Individual Head Models 


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Other useful articles:  

Basic Timing Principles 

3D Sensor Position files for visualizing data in third party software 

GPS 3.1 Solver: Video Tutorial 


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