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How to use the File Validator Utility available in Net Station 5.4

The File Validator utility is a powerful new feature available in Net Station 5.4 that allows you to identify and repair files that crash Net Station. This feature allows you to have far greater independence when a problem occurs, since the File Validator repairs issues that in the past required you to send the problematic file to EGI for a custom fix from our Software Team. Now you have the ability to quickly perform these fixes yourself!

Here we discuss the procedure for successfully using the File Validator utility in Net Station 5.4. 

Note that this utility operates on the original file and does not generate a new file. All fixes are permanent.

You can use the File Validator to assess any Net Station MFF version file:

  • Causes Net Station Review or Tools to crash or quit unexpectedly
  • Cannot be opened or generates an error message in Net Station Tools or Review

Note that the File Validator does not work on non-MFF Net Station files. 

Step 1: Launch the File Validator utility

     The File Validator utility is located in Applications>EGI>Utilities. Once inside the EGI Utilities folder, double click on to launch the File Validator. 

02 File Validator

Step 2: Open your file in the File Validator utility

     Once the File Validator is open, you can either drag and drop your Net Station MFF file into the file input window, or click the Select button to find the file. 

03 FV UI

Step 3: Assess the results

     The File Validator will automatically assess the file and give feedback as soon as you drop it into the file input window.  In the example image below, the File Validator found that the MFF is missing the epochs.xml file. This is a common problem when Net Station Acquisition quits unexpectedly during a recording. After the crash in acquisition, these files will typically generate an error message in Net Station Review File Open in Acquisition, or they cannot be run through any Tools and generate the error message Could not load the Epochs.xml resource. 

04 Missing Epochs

Step 3: Decide which problems you want to fix

     In the Fix column, click the check box to indicate you want to fix that problem, then click Fix. 

 04b Select Missing Epochs Fix

Step 4: Assess the results 

     The purple color indicates the issue has been fixed, as in the image below where the issue with the missing epochs.xml file was fixed.  

     Sometimes after fixing the first problem detected, the File Validator will detect secondary issues. In this example, after generating the epochs.xml file, the File Validator then detected that the MFF contains an Acquiring.xml file. MFF files containing the Acquiring.xml file will not open in Net Station Review and are a result of Net Station Acquisition quitting unexpectedly mid-recording. 

     Once again, click the check box in the Fix column indicating you want to fix that problem, and then click Fix.     

07 Delete unnecessary file

     When all the issues are fixed, no more new issues will appear and the fixed issues will all appear as purple. 

08 fixed

Step 5: Quit the File Validator

     Once all the detected problems have been fixed, quit the File Validator. 

09 Quit File Validator

Step 6: Check that your file now works properly

     At this stage, check that your file has been fixed and is now working properly in Net Station!

To read more about the File Validator, refer to page 36 in the Net Station 5.4 Manual.   

If your file has a problem that the File Validator cannot fix, please gather the necessary materials for diagnosing a Net Station crash, and then contact EGI Support. We will be happy to assist you!



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