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How to create a Workspace in Net Station Acquisition

In Net Station Acquisition you will specify a set of recording parameters and settings unique to your experimental design or clinical protocol that you will use regularly across many recordings. So that you don't have to specify the same settings at the beginning of each session, you can create a Workspace in Net Station Acquisition so that each time you begin a session, Net Station will open with your unique settings and parameters already specified. 

The procedure for creating a Workspace in Net Station Acquisition 5.4 has changed. Below you will find the steps involved. 

Step 1: Launch Net Station Acquisition

     Single click on the Net Station Acquisition icon in your dock. 

Screen Shot 2017 05 31 at 11.01.12 AM

Step 2: Enter information in the Patient ID field

     Before you can interact with the software, you must enter alphanumeric information in the Patient ID field and click OK.  

Start a new study

Step 3: Configure the Destination and Hardware Settings

     Configure your desired settings under the Destination and Hardware Settings control areas.  The settings you choose here will affect the output MFF file. 

03 Change settings copy

     Once recording has begun, many of these settings can no longer be changed. Therefore, any changes made to a Workspace must be done when you are not recording data and streaming is also off. 

Step 4: Configure the General settings

     The settings you choose here, including Scale, Montage, Filters and Polarity do not affect the recorded data or the output file - these are viewer transformations only that are applied during data acquisition for your convenience. 

Step 5: Create a Workspace    

     After you've configured all the settings relevant to your session design, under the General settings, click on the Workspace drop down menu and choose Create...

03 Workspace Create

     This will prompt you to Name your Workspace. 

04 Prompt to name

     Name the Workspace and click Create. 

05 named

     The newly created Workspace will now appear in the list of available Workspaces. 

06 Name now appears in Workspace list

You are now ready to begin recording!     

     Note that there are preconfigured Workspaces as well, including MR, ECI and MR + ECI. Choose ECI if your setup includes an Experimental Control system, such as E-Prime. Choose the MR Workspace from the list if you are running simultaneous EEG-MR studies and your setup does not involve an Experimental Control. Finally, choose MR+ECI if the acquisition does involve experiment control. The given Workspace sets the relevant parameters in the control panels, so it is ready for the corresponding data collection.

Step 6: Updating a Workspace

     Should you make any changes to the Net Station Acquisition settings that you wish to be part of the Workspace settings, ensure that your Workspace you wish to update is selected, and then click Update. 

Step 7: Deleting a Workspace

     Should you wish to delete a Workspace, ensure that your Workspace you wish to update is selected, and then click Delete.

     Note that Net Station Acquisition opens with the last workspace used.  To change Workspaces, simply click on the Workspace drop down menu in the General settings area and click on the desired Workspace. 


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