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How to de-identify a file in Net Station 5.4

De-identifying data is an important step when sharing or archiving data containing sensitive patient or subject information.

With the release of Net Station 5.4, it is possible to de-identify files directly within Net Station Review in an easy, two-step process. 

To begin, open the file you wish to de-identify in Net Station Review

1. From within Review, click on the Patient tab in the left control area and click on the De-identify button: 

01 de identify


2. A De-identify box will appear where you can edit the File Name and the Patient ID.  The current File Name and Patient ID are in the column on the left. Type the new, de-identified File Name and Patient ID into the fields on the right:

02 deidentify B 

If the file has video, choose whether to keep the video files using Delete video files checkbox. 

Note: Before you click De-identify, it is important to note that the action will permanently remove the Last Name, First Name and Date of Birth. 

When you are confident you are ready to move forward, click De-identify: 

03 deidentify

After clicking De-identify, notice the changes made to the file propagate to Net Station Review in following locations:

04 deidentify
If you have questions about this process, please contact EGI Support.  
















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