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How to prepare for uninstalling Net Station

Uninstalling the existing version of Net Station on your Mac before upgrading to a newer version is required for optimal performance. However, the process of uninstalling will delete any custom items or settings you created during your use of the previous version you've been using up until now. To see these items, navigate to Machintosh HD/Library/Application Support/EGI/Net Station and review the folders and files created: 


 Our best practice advice is to take screen shots of these items within Net Station before you uninstall, so you can create them in the newer version. In recommending this, we are mindful of the fact that you may have invested a significant amount of time in creating these items and so we have a workaround you can explore, as well. 

For items such as Tools, Montages and Workspaces, you may choose to copy those folders from the above location to your desktop: 


After completing this, proceed with the uninstall instructions. Then, follow the steps to install the newer version of Net Station. After the installation is complete, try placing the folders you copied to the desktop in the equivalent location: Machintosh HD/Library/Application Support/EGI/Net Station. 

There is a small risk associated in doing this, as the changes between Net Station versions could render the items unusable. The exact error encountered would be item specific, and its incompatibility would be immediately evident to you. Taking screen shots of yoru work in the older version you are moving away from will provide you with the information you need to re-create the items in the newer version of Net Station should any problems arise. 

Please contact EGI Support if you have questions or issues concerning this, and do let us know whether you chose this workaround so we can be best prepared to assist you. 



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