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How to Uninstall Net Station 5.0 - 5.2.x before upgrading to Net Station 5.4

Before installing Net Station 5.4, you must first completely uninstall the previously existing version on your Mac to ensure optimal functionality. 

You should follow the instructions below if you were running a version of Net Station between 5.0 and 5.2.x: 

1. Drag all Net Station icons out of the Dock to remove them:


2. Navigate to your Net Station 5.4 (GM) folder. Within the Pre NS 5.3.x Uninstall folder, double-click on to uncompress the file.


     This file is an executionable file that will, when executed from a Terminal, run a script that will uninstall all the application files associated with previous versions of Net Station 5.x on your computer.

3. Within the Application folder, navigate to the Utility folder and double-click on the Terminal utility to launch it:
















4. Drag the file into the Terminal window:


     When you drop the file into the window, you see a pathway appear. As soon as you see this, press Return to run the uninstall script.


5. Enter the password of your Mac's user account when prompted and press Return:



     Note: The cursor will not move when you enter your password and the only indication that the script has completed will be that a new Terminal line will appear.

6. NOTE: Should you see a message telling you that certain directories were not empty, for example:


... repeat steps 4 and 5.


7. Next you need to remove three files and a folder that are not uninstalled by the script. Individually, copy the following text into the Terminal and press Return in between each command:

     a. sudo rm -rf "/Library/Frameworks/EGI_Net_Station.framework"

     b. sudo rm -rf "/Library/CFMSupport/Net Station Interface Crawler.cfm"

     c. sudo rm -rf "/Library/CFMSupport/Net Station Services Crawler.cfm"

     d. sudo rm -rf "~/Library/Application Support/EGI"

7. When completed, your Terminal will look something like this:


8. You are now ready to install NS 5.4!

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