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NA 400 connectivity troubleshooting for Net Station Acquisition

When Net Station Acquisition freezes, hangs, or you encounter the error: "Failed to connect to Amp Server. Make sure Amp Server IP address is valid" when trying to start a session in Net Station Acquisition, this means that Net Station cannot connect to the amplifier.

The steps below will help you rule out a connectivity issue to the NA 400.

Although these steps might seem basic, they can be easily overlooked even by the most experienced users! Therefore, please do take the time to go through these steps so we can rule out the possibility of a connectivity configuration error: 

Step 1: Make sure the Amplifier is powered on.

     Check the lights on the back of the amplifier. You should see green lights on along the back panel of the amplifier above the first orange fiber optic cable on the left. If you only see green lights above the power symbol and not above the fiber optic cable, this most likely means you need to shut down the entire system all the way down to the isolation transformer. Once you have cut off power to the amplifier and you see no lights on, try rebooting the entire system and see if the green lights above the fiber optic cable turn on once the computer is booted up.

     Check that the amplifier's external power supply is turned on. This is the box connected to the amplifier by the double insulated cable coming out of the left side of the amplifier's back panel. The external power supply only has one button on it and it needs to be pressed down on the "I" end of the button to have the amplifier on. The "O" end of the button means no power. If the amplifier has power, you should see the green lights on above the power symbol (towards the middle of the amplifier's back panel).

Step 2. Make sure the Amplifier is connected to the computer. 

     Check that the cables are all plugged in the correct way. The EEG data goes from the amplifier to the black box switch via an orange fiber optic cable. Then, an ethernet cable carries the signal from the black box switch to the computer using Ethernet Port #2. This port on the computer is labeled "EGI Switch". This port is configured to be used with the amplifier and nothing else.

Step 3: Check that the amp's web-based information page can be loaded in Firefox.

     Open Firefox and type "" in the URL bar.  If the amplifier is connected and powered on, the amp's information page will successfully load.

     Here, you can ensure that the version of firmware you are running is compatible with the version of Net Station you are running. 

     The version of firmware is reported in the Home tab, under Versions>System as indicated in the image below:

NA 400 firmware copy

Step 4: Check that the Ethernet Port is configured correctly.

     Click on the apple in the top left of your screen >System Preferences>Network>Ethernet #2.  You should see your IP configuration as it is displayed in the image below.

NA400 Connectivity troubleshooting IMAGE


If all of these items pass and Net Station still won't launch properly, please contact EGI Support for the next step in resolving the issue. 

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