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GeoSource 3.1 Research: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced...what are the differences?

GeoSource 3.1 Research, EGI's source estimation software, will allow you to take your source estimation workflow to a whole new level with high-resolution (FDM) head models that include 7 different tissue types. To provide you with full flexibility, we have three levels of software available:
  • GeoSource 3.1 Research Basic: this version includes 6 atlas head models, ranging from infants through to adults, to allow you to easily explore the source estimation associated with your recorded scalp potentials and take advantage of the Reciprocity Visualization Environment (RVE) to visualize your results.
  • GeoSource 3.1 Research Intermediate: this version adds the ability to build a Conformal Atlas Head Model, where you use an individual sensor location file to warp one of our 6 altas head models to your participant’s head geometry. You will be able to achieve more realistic head models for your research when you don’t have the ability to gain structural MRI scans for your participants.
  • GeoSource 3.1 Research Advanced: this version adds the ability to build an Individual Head Model, with dipoles oriented to the cortical surface, using an individual’s structural MRI.


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