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News & Events

The MagstimEGI team is excited to see you at the October 21 International Society for Developmental Psychobiology (ISDP) virtual meeting. MagstimEGI will be highlighting the utility and simplicity of integrating HD-EEG and eye-tracking in research.

Higher channel counts are essential for pediatric EEG. It is well established that pediatric brain activity has more variation than that of adults. Recently, numerous studies have shown that increasing the number and distribution of recording electrodes leads to systematic improvements in EEG-based measures1, 2. By achieving higher standards in reliability and repeatability, MagstimEGI HD EEG opens the door for new opportunities to develop translational pediatric biomarkers.

Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for technology updates on HD-EEG and eye-tracking in research.

MagstimEGI will be hosting private virtual meetings and demonstrations during and after the conference.

The conference runs Oct. 21-23.

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2. Tokariev, Anton et al. “Analysis of infant cortical synchrony is constrained by the number of recording electrodes and the recording montage.” Clinical Neurophysiology 127 (2016): 310-323.