EEG Workshop in China

Beijing, Beijing Normal University

June 14–15, 2018

Learn from three inspirational speakers about the wide possibilities of research with high density EEG. Experience for the first time the power of seamless compatibility between EEGLAB and the Philips/EGI Geodesic HD EEG system.

The first Philips EEG China workshop, jointly organized by Philips Neuro and the National Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning at Beijing Normal University, will be held on the 14th and 15th of June at the Beijing Normal University. We are pleased to invite well-known neurologists, cognitive neuroscience professors, and EEG product experts to give talks on brain function connectivity, EEG/fNIRs recording, EEG data processing in open-source software, HD EEG source localization, and neuromodulation.

We will hold an EEG research competition in the workshop. Winners will receive an award certificate and special gifts. Only 70 seats! The number of participants for the competition is limited to 4 groups. Join the workshop today!

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Speaker panel

christophe michel

Christoph M. Michel, Professor for Clinical Neuroscience at the Medical Faculty of the University of Geneva. He is head of the Functional Brain Mapping Laboratory at the Neurology Clinic and the Fundamental Neuroscience Department and Director of the EEG core of the Lemanic Biomedical Imaging Center. He has authored over 160 articles and book chapters and is co-author of the book “Electrical Neuroimaging.”

song yan

Dr. Song Yan, Professor at Beijing Normal University and the Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning. Research areas: visual perception, learning, attention of children and adults, and visual perception and attentional and advanced cognitive process of children (the relationship between language and mathematics). The research methods she uses are electroencephalography (EEG/ERP) and near-infrared brain imaging (fNIRS). Dr. Song is the principle investigator for multiple projects in the China National Science Foundation. She has received numerous awards in her research fields.

benson kuo

Dr. Benson Kuo, Scientist at Philips Neuro. Research areas: neuroimaging and neurophysiology. Dr. Kuo is an expert in EEG time frequency analysis, component analysis, and HD EEG source localization. He will give lectures on "EEG component, time-frequency and fMRI analysis in open source software" and ”The source analysis of high density EEG and neuromodulation".

Agenda June 14

8:30–9:30 Wei He: Reception and greeting

9:30–11:00 Christoph Michel: Functional connectivity

11:00–12:00 Song Yan: Pediatric EEG data analysis


13:00–14:00 Benson Kuo: EEG Component Analysis

14:00–15:00 Benson Kuo: EEG time-frequency analysis/fMRI

15:00–16:00 Chen Bo/Jack He: GES Net application training

16:00–17:00 Chen Bo/Jack He: EEG acquisition and recording

Agenda June 15

9:00–10:00 Benson Kuo: Source localization and neuromodulation

10:00–11:00 Christoph Michel: Data processing in Cartool

11:00–12:00 Chen Bo/Jack He: Net Station data processing


13:00–14:00 Chen Bo: GES 400–Eyelink acquisition

14:00–16:30 Philips Neuro: Philips EEG research competition

14:30–16:00 Philips Neuro: Reward and wrap–up

Limited seats available, secure yours today!

Registration for this workshop is now closed.