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EGI Summer School - Core HD EEG Skills Syllabus

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Monday August 6th

08:30 Registration
09:00 Welcome and Overview
09:45 Understanding the basics: The electrophysiological basis of the EEG signal
10:30 Break
10:45 Setting up your lab: Safety and Use Conditions
11:00 Setting up your lab: Introduction to hardware
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Setting up your lab: Configuring Net Station 5.4 for acquisition
14:15 Understanding the basics: Experimental design in EEG Research
15:15 Break
15:30 Setting up your lab: Configuring E-Prime for communication with Net Station
17:00 Daily question session
18:00 EGI sponsored event: Dinner in SweetWaters on the River, VRI

Tuesday August 7th

09:00 Acquiring data: HydroCel GSN application and initial data quality review
10:30 Break
10:45 Acquiring data: Understanding data quality
12:30 Lunch
13:30 EGI Talk: An introduction to high density EEG by Cathy Poulsen, PhD
14:45 Hands-on session: HydroCel GSN application
15:15 Coffee available in the main room
17:00 Daily question session

Wednesday August 8th

09:00 Setting up your lab: Running and interpreting timing tests
10:00 Data Processing: Introduction to Net Station 5.4 Review
10:30 Break
10:45 Data Processing: Initial processing of EEG data continued
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Data Processing: Producing an Event-Related Potential
15:00 Break
15:15 Working towards analysis: How working with HD EEG changes data interpretation
16:00 Working towards analysis: Exploring your ERP results
17:00 Poster Session

Thursday August 9th

09:00 Tour of Philips Neuro headquarters
10:30 Break
10:45 Choose either:

  • Simultaneous EEG/fMRI acquisition
  • Infant data acquisition

12:30 Lunch
13:30 Working towards analysis: Exporting events and preparing event information for file export
15:00 Break
15:15 Working towards analysis: EEGLAB Interoperability
16:00 Working towards analysis: Working with MATLAB
17:00 Daily question session 

Friday August 10th

09:00 Laboratory Housekeeping: Using the Knowledge Center and troubleshooting advice
09:45 Laboratory Housekeeping: Running and interpreting the Net Diagnostics Tool
10:30 Break
10:45 Laboratory Housekeeping: HydroCel GSN repairs and maintenance
11:15 Working towards analysis: Preparing for statistical analysis
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Working towards analysis: ERP plotting in R
14:30 Break
14:45 Individual data-help session - questions to be submitted in advance by email
17:00 End of school