EGI releases major update of Net Station 5.3 EEG software

27 Jun 2016 – EGI is pleased to announce the release of the Net Station 5.3 software, a major update for EGI’s core EEG software suite that extends the software into a new platform for fully networked and integrated EEG, electrical source imaging, and neuromodulation.

Net Station 5 software is specifically designed for intuitive and straightforward visualization of dense array EEG data with up to 256 channels. This major update adds the new Reciprocity Visualization Environment, which includes interactive 3D viewing capabilities. The Reciprocity view shows the scalp voltage data on a 3D head, synchronized to the standard 2D chart view, topo plot view, butterfly view, and topo map view, allowing multiple ways of looking at the data through time that will greatly aid in data analysis.

The Reciprocity Visualization Environment is also the user interface for EGI’s new GeoSource 3.0 electrical source imaging software and new GTEN 100 neuromodulation system, providing a completely integrated and seamless environment for EEG, advanced EEG analysis, and simultaneous EEG-transcranial electrical neuromodulation.

The 5.3 update also adds advanced networking and security tools, allowing more flexibility for networked environments with multiple users. Altogether, the new Net Station 5.3 software represents an integrated platform supporting expansion for both advanced software modules and for networked experimental or clinical environments.

Starting with the introduction of Geodesic Sensor Nets for dense array EEG 25 years ago, EGI’s focus has always been on providing the most advanced EEG methodology with a workflow accessible for any laboratory or clinic. With Net Station 5.3, we continue this focus with an intuitive interlocking platform that expands what can be achieved with an EEG analysis system.

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