EGI products will be used in FDA-cleared brain assessment protocol

15 October 2015 - EGI announces that it has received a $2.5 million order to supply GES 400 systems under a new supply agreement, which extends the scope of the umbrella agreement with ElMindA Ltd. announced in January 2015.

ElMindA is a US and Israel-based company that introduced the Brain Network Activation (BNA™) analysis system, which received FDA clearance in 2014 for the assessment of brain function in 14- to 24-year-olds. The BNA system is currently available in nine US markets including Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Connecticut, Michigan, Minneapolis, Palm Beach FL, and Phoenix. The system is also being implemented in leading research labs in the US and globally.

EGI has supplied a number of dense array systems under the initial, two-year contract with ElMindA. The early success of the BNA system, which incorporates EGI's non-invasive, multi-channel EEG technology, has led ElMindA to increase its orders for GES 400 systems from EGI by a minimum of $2.5 million over the next 12 months, with the first half of the order anticipated to be fulfilled in 2015.

EGI's non-invasive, multi-channel EEG technology, coupled with ElMindA's advanced signal processing, machine-learning, and analysis algorithms, measures patterns of neuronal networks activated during specific brain processes. Using its proprietary database of over 11,000 data sets, the BNA analysis system delivers both quantitative and qualitative insights into brain function. This breakthrough technology provides new information on brain functionality to potentially aid physicians to identify and manage a range of neurological disorders.

Don Tucker, CEO of EGI, commented: "We have worked closely with ElMindA during 2015 to align our technologies and are delighted to see the initial commercial success that has given them the confidence to make this minimum $2.5 million purchase commitment, the largest individual order in EGI's history. ElMindA and its customers recognize the significant value of the precision that dense array EEG brings to the objective assessment of brain disorders and injuries. We believe that by working together we can bring both our technologies into wider use and drive further revenues for both companies as the practical value of precise EEG analysis becomes further adopted by clinical practitioners."

"We are encouraged by both the clinical and the commercial interest we are seeing in the BNA system, and this has given us the confidence to expand our relationship with EGI," said Ronen Gadot, CEO of ElMindA. "The BNA test enables physicians to view changes in brain functionality. Along with routine testing, it offers another layer of objective insight to help physicians make better-informed decisions. We are pleased to collaborate with a partner that provides such cost effective, reliable technology and look forward to many years of continued growth."

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