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25 September 2014 – EGI is pleased to announce that Net Station 5.1, the first major update for EGI's new Net Station 5 suite of software for EEG acquisition, review, and analysis, is now available. The Net Station 5 software suite is a key component of EGI's Geodesic EEG System platform, making one of the most advanced EEG systems on the market more intuitive and more powerful than ever.

Net Station 5.1 software includes full support for EGI’s Physio16 product, which includes up to 34 auxiliary channels for measuring such important physiological parameters as ECG, EMG, respiration, body position, and SpO2, all synchronously with EEG. Net Station 5.1 software is used for control, recording, and review of Physio16 physiological data simultaneously with EEG data. Net Station 5.1 software will also include controls and support for a new, improved photic stimulator, a USB PTZ camera, and data transfer to a networked attached storage device, which will be released at the same time.

The Net Station 5 software suite is structured for fast processing of large amounts of data required for complex research studies or clinical exams. It is also designed for fast software updates, allowing users to benefit from new software or hardware features more quickly. This new release of Net Station 5.1 represents the first of several software updates planned for 2014, which will include additional analysis features, enhanced video support, higher sampling rates, and streaming and database functionality.

Net Station 5.1 is immediately available for purchase for customers who are planning to upgrade from Net Station 4. Customers with Net Station 5.0 will be eligible for a free upgrade to NS 5.1 or may choose to wait for a secondary release of Net Station 5.1.1, with full support for EEG-MR, support for GES 300 systems, and an option for automated timing delay adjustments, planned in the coming weeks.

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