Distribution agreement for Hitachi near-infrared spectroscopy device

Back to EGI News June 2013 - Under a new agreement with Hitachi, EGI will distribute Hitachi’s ETG-4000 optical topography device for the non-invasive investigation of blood flow in the brain (cerebral hemodynamics) using near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) in the US, Canada and Mexico. The ETG-4000 is a leading, FDA cleared, device suitable for both research and clinical use. The agreement allows EGI to sell Hitachi’s NIRS device separately or in combination with EGI’s Geodesic EEG Systems. Optical topography makes it possible to get a glimpse of the working brain by exploiting the different absorption spectra of oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin in the near-infrared region of light. The technology opens a new window to the workings of the human brain through the visualization of blood flow. After positioning the easy-to-use probes on the head, the ETG-4000 allows the measurement of changing hemoglobin concentrations at multiple brain sites in real time. Its comfortable sensor design makes the product ideal for use with patients of all ages, including adults, neonates, children, and the elderly. An array of probe configurations of different sizes and number of measurement channels (24-52) provides flexibility for both research and clinical applications. Increasingly, neurologists and neuroscientists are using multiple imaging methodologies to better understand the brain’s health, function and activity. The information gleaned from NIRS on blood flow in the brain is complementary to the electrical activity data shown by EGI’s HD EEG products. The sensors of each of the Hitachi and EGI products interlock easily, thus allowing simultaneous use to deliver enhanced functional information.  Don Tucker, PhD, Chairman and CEO, commented: “Hitachi is at the forefront in the development of NIRS technology and we are delighted to be working with them in this field and marketing the ETG-4000 alongside our own devices. Our recently launched CE marked GES 400 HD EEG products were specifically designed to dovetail with a range of neurodiagnostic tools including NIRS, which is increasingly accepted as a useful imaging technology, particularly in pediatric medicine where EGI’s products are also strong. We anticipate that our new GES 400 systems will have FDA clearance later this year, which would allow us to provide clinicians in the US with the powerful HD EEG/NIRS combination system.” Donald G. Broomfield of Hitachi said:  “EGI has a reputation as a leader in advanced neurodiagnostic technologies and a significant sales presence in the US neuroscience markets through their HD EEG product range and we believe that they are the partner of choice to promote the ETG-4000 and market our products in parallel with their own.”

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