Launch of new Geodesic EEG System 400 series products

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May 2013 – Electrical Geodesics, Inc., announces the launch of its new Geodesic EEG System (GES) 400 series of products for EEG monitoring. The GES 400 platform adds three systems to EGI’s established product line and is aimed at filling the needs of a broad range of brain researchers and clinicians, from entry level EEG through to the most advanced, dense array EEG (“dEEG”) imaging. The GES 400 series includes:

  • GES 400 — the foundation product providing the highest level of features including future expandability of functionality and a platform for multimodal imaging, such as the use of EEG alongside functional MRI, MEG, and TMS to enhance diagnostic and imaging capabilities.
  • GES 410 — a similar product to the GES 400, but providing a higher sampling rate for specialized research and clinical applications.
  • GES 405 — a streamlined 32 channel EEG product suite for customers who do not need the very high levels of functionality and imaging of the dEEG product suite, providing EGI technology in a more affordable and easy to use package.

The GES 400 series is based on EGI’s new ADAPT amplifier technology platform. The state-of- the-art hardware components allow faster flow of information throughout the amplifier, increased bandwidth, and synchronous acquisition from multiple amplifiers. Each of the GES 400 systems carries the CE Mark, with additional regulatory clearances anticipated to allow sale for medical use in the US later this year and in other major markets such as Japan and China next year.  Don Tucker, PhD, founder and CEO, states:  “We continue to meet the evolving needs of our customers through the successful development of the GES 400 platform.  The introduction of our ADAPT technology is a significant step towards realizing our vision of a fully interconnected neuroscience capability that will allow multiple researchers and clinicians to share data and collaborate as never before, all with the goal of better understanding the human brain and improving human brain health.” About EGI’s ADAPT Amplifier Platform
The ADAPT technology includes on-board computing within the amplifier through an embedded processor, internal data storage, enabling remote software upgrades and greatly streamlining the delivery of new features to customers. In the future, the on-board computing capabilities will help enable a fully networked neuroscience laboratory or clinic, where autonomous acquisition and storage of EEG data can be linked and streamed directly to a secure network. Here, review stations will be able to monitor the data stream in real time and a common laboratory storage system can coordinate data acquisition from multiple units.

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