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Our Partners

EGI is proud to announce our business partners, whose assistance and development help us provide cutting edge technologies for both the clinical and research markets.

persyst logo 2017 With Persyst Development Corporation, we have integrated advanced PC-based EEG review and processing software within our HD EEG clinical workflow for applications such as spike and seizure detection.
psychology software tools logo 2017 With Psychology Software Tools, we have synchronized Net Station's HD EEG acquisition with exact timing of experiment control in PST's E-Prime, the preferred stimulus presentation software.
Hitachi logo 2017 We are pleased to offer Hitachi's state-of-the-art near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) system for hemodynamic measurements, providing a complement to EEG neuronal activity monitoring. The NIRS optodes fit neatly between the sensors of EGI's Geodesic Sensor Net for simultaneous EEG-NIRS.


Note: Please review our Certification page for the current approval status of clinical products listed above. Not all listed products are available for clinical use in all markets.


The EGI Team


Although science, sales, and engineering functions are distributed across EGI’s three divisions, we maintain a central management team. EGI’s four corporate officers reflect multiple skill sets of business, science, law, and clinical work. Three are PhDs, two have extensive business experience prior to joining EGI, one is an attorney, and two have clinical training in psychology and neuropsychology. 


From EGI’s beginning, a skilled and informative technical sales effort has been critical to our success. In research sales, both our US and international sales directors have many years experience in sales, and have a thorough personal knowledge of the needs of scientific researchers. Our clinical sales staff integrates their knowledge of the unique contributions of High Density EEG with direct clinical experience with EEG technology and intraoperative monitoring. 


Because EGI is a research laboratory as well as a research equipment and medical device company, our science staff is extensive for our size, including eight PhDs and one MD. Skills in this group include cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology, clinical neurophysiology, education, psychopathology, computational physics, computational science, and statistics. From the early days in building research EEG systems, EGI has been known for scientists building tools for scientists. Although the range and complexity of both research and medical customers has expanded, we have worked to maintain this direct presence of science and medical attention to each product and support function of the company. 


EGI is known for sending highly qualified support engineers to each customer’s site to insure that, regardless of the research application, each customer starts with a fully functional laboratory. Building upon this high-end support model for advanced research laboratories, we are now training support engineers to bring the same extensive support model to clinical customers, both for the epilepsy monitoring unit and routine EEG laboratory. 


EGI’s engineers are domain specialists. Collectively, they have many years of experience in the specific engineering challenges of monitoring human brain activity. They are also highly creative in addressing new technologies, such as encountered in many Small Business Innovation Research projects. A unique skill set for our software engineering team is interfacing laboratory and medical device software with capacities for high-performance computing provided by our neuroinformatics division. 


Whereas electronics manufacturing is relatively straightforward, EGI has for many years faced unique challenges in constructing the complex Geodesic Sensor Net in various sizes and models with highly skilled craftspersons. With the introduction of the HydroCel Nets, we made a considerable investment in manufacturing engineering to allow these complex products to be produced affordably at scale. With a complex product line and multiple product configurations for each shipment, our manufacturing operations have become highly organized and efficient to insure that every customer experiences the quality expected from a medical device manufacturer. 


As a relatively small (currently ~80-person) company, EGI’s administration and management can operate in a fairly informal and “hands on” way that supports the flexible and highly motivated work in each of our departments. At the same time, as a regulated medical device company, we operate through a quality system that includes procedures for all company operations, including management and administrative support. Our view is that structured procedures and personal attention can be integrated carefully to provide an optimal environment for employee productivity.


EGI is a leading neurodiagnostic medical technology company that develops products used to study the human brain. EGI’s products are used for neuroscience research in prestigious universities and hospitals around the globe and are being increasingly adopted as an advanced clinical neurodiagnostic platform. EGI’s core technology, Geodesic EEG, provides non-invasive and high-resolution imaging of brain activity and is used to study a broad range of brain disorders, including epilepsy, autism, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and sleep disorders.

EGI is now a part of Philips Healthcare. Please visit the Philips Careers website – use the search term “Neuro Diagnostics” to find other opportunities associated with EGI.

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25 years of innovation in neuroscience and neurology

Improving neurological health is one of the key challenges of the twenty-first century. EGI has been the leader in neuroscience technology for 25 years with a mission to create the most advanced equipment for neuroscience research laboratories and neurology clinics. Founded with technology developed by its CEO, Don Tucker, EGI has deep scientific roots that inform development of products that are both forward looking and practical to install and use.

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New technology that drives research

EGI’s products are widely used in human neuroscience research laboratories around the world, in a broad range of disciplines, from cognition, language, and memory, to consciousness, sleep, ADHD, and autism. This research is also being applied to solving problems in areas as diverse as user interface testing, driver fatigue monitoring, and brain-computer interface development.

Multimodal imaging applications

EGI's technologies are also providing the technology and equipment needed for the advanced neuroscience facilities in leading universities, research hospitals and medical centers. With the accuracy of high-definition recordings, and capability for multimodal recordings, EEG results can be registered precisely with MRI images, as well as near-infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), magnetoencephalography (MEG) and neurostimulation data, to align brain function with brain anatomy.

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Clinical applications

EGI's products are being used to improve methods for diagnosis and therapeutic guidance for neurological disorders, especially for epilepsy. Translational research is also being conducted in many clinical areas, including depression, concussion, stroke, sleep, traumatic brain injury, and rehabilitation. Because the Geodesic EEG System is comfortable and easy to apply, new markets are developing for which patient acceptance and efficiency of clinical protocol are primary considerations.

New neuromodulation technology

In 2016, EGI applied its High Density EEG technology to developing the most advanced non-invasive neuromodulation device on the market —one with great promise for a better understanding and possible treatment of brain disorders, especially disorders not well controlled by drugs or other therapies. This new technology integrates EGI’s core technologies and research efforts in EEG, electric head modeling, and source analysis, and expands the capabilities of EGI’s research products from brain monitoring and source imaging to research into therapeutic intervention.

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Successful EGI customers around the world

There are now over 900 sites in over 720 academic institutions, hospitals, and clinics using EGI's Geodesic EEG Systems, in over 30 countries. There are over 2457 research papers published in leading scientific and medical journals using EGI technology.


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