Geodesic EEG Systems for Routine and LTM Recordings

EGI Geodesic EEG System (GES) 300The first dense array EEG system that makes high-resolution dEEG practical in clinical environments, EGI's Clinical Geodesic EEG System (GES) 300 is designed to improve patient care while recognizing the realities of today's cost-constrained healthcare system. This versatile system makes it possible to start with an economical option that gives you all the advantages of Geodesic EEG, while using the familiar 10-20 montages, and expand to more advanced techniques as your practice grows.

With the Clinical Geodesic EEG System, you and your patients will experience:

  • Increased clinic efficiency – fast electrode placement system for easy patient prep
  • Improved patient experience – comfortable EEG with no scalp abrasion or glues
  • Improved clinical yield – higher-channel EEG provides more data for more confident decision making
  • More efficient case management – provide EEG in your care center, no need to outsource

GES 300 Doctor and PatientModerate density EEG with 32- and 64-channel systems provides distinct benefits over conventional EEG systems including rapid sensor application, painless EEG recordings, and faster workflow to improve daily productivity. Use for routine EEG.

Dense array EEG
with 128- or 256- channel systems measures electrical activity in the brain using many more electrodes than in conventional EEG. The increased spatial resolution allows you to see—in an intuitive topographic view—clinically relevant aspects of the EEG not visible with conventional EEG systems. Use for source estimation, presurgical planning, and clinical research.

All Systems include:



EGI Clinical Routine EEGRoutine EEG
Choose moderate density (32- or 64-channel) EEG for quick analysis in routine applications. Using Geodesic EEG Systems (GES) to streamline your workflow, you can get patients into your clinic faster and serve more patients in less time. Our routine systems use the HydroCel Geodesic Sensor Nets (HCGSN) with sponges, and a low-cost saline electrolyte. 

EGI Pediatric NeurologyPediatric neurology
The HydroCel Geodesic Sensor Nets (HCGSN) included with every system are kid-friendly. There are no excessive head measurements, no scalp abrasion, and no glues required. The comfortable HCGSN is applied in just minutes and well tolerated, even by patients for whom an EEG was previously impossible without sedation or restraint.

EGI Long-term or Extended MonitoringLong-term or extended monitoring
Systems for long-term monitoring (LTM) come with specially engineered LTM HydroCel Geodesic Sensor Nets for the ultimate in patient comfort – no scalp abrasion or glues are required. Our LTM EEG systems use a low-cost paste that maintains good contact for hours or days and yet washes easily out of the hair.

EGI Dense Array EEG NeuroimagingDense array EEG neuroimaging EGI recommends 128- and 256-channel EEG, which provides higher resolution measurements of brain electrical activity compared to EEG devices using fewer electrodes. Read a Review of Electrical Source Estimation.

EGI Clinical ResearchClinical research
EGI’s Geodesic dense array EEG provides state-of-the-art technology for your clinical research.



For Routine EEG
32-Channel Clinical GES 300 Routine Package
64-Channel Clinical GES 300 Routine Package
128-Channel Clinical GES 300 Routine Package
256-Channel Clinical GES 300 Routine Package

For Long-Term or Extended Monitoring

32-Channel Clinical GES 300 LTM Package
64-Channel Clinical GES 300 LTM Package
128-Channel Clinical GES 300 LTM Package
256-Channel Clinical GES 300 LTM Package

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